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Laurent Garnier
Back To My Roots EP

Maxi Single & EP
Out: 29-05-2008
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What we say

Laurent Garnier delivers his first dancefloor 12inch release in five years, ‘Back To My Roots EP’, released on Âme and Dixon’s Berlin house imprint, Innervisions. Let’s go back to late Februa
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Laurent Garnier delivers his first dancefloor 12inch release in five years, ‘Back To My Roots EP’, released on Âme and Dixon’s Berlin house imprint, Innervisions. Let’s go back to late February of this year - the 29th to be precise - a truly inspirational night that saw Laurent Garnier’s welcome return to the club that represents Berlin’s electronic music scene to perfection - Panorama Bar. It’s 5am, and Garnier, five hours since his set began, is supposed to finish and let Dixon take over. But, the intensity and energy of the party takes over Garnier and he asks to play on. So he does, for another three hours of magic. “During that time I played the demo mix of the ‘Back To My Roots’ track, which I’d made that week (the B side wasn’t even made). Dixon jumped on me to ask what it was. He said that he loved the sound of it and asked me what I wanted to do with it, mentioning that he would really like to release it on Innervisions. I went back home on the Monday and worked straight away on another track, which I named ‘Panoramix’ (a tribute to that night at Panorama). I sent a very rough demo to Dixon via download and received a text five minutes later saying that he wanted it. It happened really fast without me having any plans at all.” - Laurent Garnier Closely guarded within the Innervisions and Garnier camp, ‘Back To My Roots EP’, goes well beyond the hype that it is naturally receiving. An excellent pairing brings one of the most highly revered electronic artists in the world, together with one of the most highly revered house music labels in the world. It works. “When Laurent played ‘Back To My Roots’ at Panorama, I immediately had the feeling that I was listening to a classic. It’s a very unique timeless production. Not hip, not modern, not oldschool. It is also a 12 minutes journey that is worth to play for that long. We are very happy that Laurent told me straight away in the club that he would be cool with releasing this EP on our label. Well - and lets not forget about THAT B-side." - Dixon Laurent Garn er is currently working on his next album release, due for release later in 2008. He will also undertake a live tour at the end of the year… For The (and his) Love Of Music, check his website www.laurentgarnier.com and tune into PBB – Garnier’s original 24 hour online web-radio that he has been running since 2004, which encompasses soul, rock, house and a good dose of jazz. A true education of music. Innervisions is the Berlin based house label run by Âme and Dixon. Since 2005, the label has seen quality releases from artists including Château Flight, Stefan Goldmann, Henrik Schwarz, Atjazz, Tokyo Black Star, Marcus Worgull, Dixon and Âme. 2008 also sees the label’s first Longplayer release with ‘Muting The Noise’ – an album including exclusive ambient tracks from the likes of Klaus Schulze, Terre Thaemlitz, Henrik Schwarz, Karma, Âme and more. The EP release following that of Laurent Garnier will be a collaboration between Henrik Schwarz, Âme and Dixon.

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DJ Comments (5)

Carl Cox


Dasding (Stephan Hinz)

Puh, what a release. "Back To My Roots" sounds for me like Herbie Hancock, The Big Lebowski and Miles Davis locked Laurent into a room and told him that he's just allowed to come out when he has done a fucking huge track - and he did it! And Panoramix, oh boy, it sounds so cinematic. Gorgeous. Thank your very much for this beauty.

DJ Mag

Hype chart NUMBER 1

Groove Mag (GER)

Dass Henrik Schwarz eine Schwäche für Afrobeat hat, ist kein Geheimnis. Für das kommende Album von Amampondo, drückt er „I Exist Because Of You“ seinen fälschungssicheren Stempel auf. Aus einem der ansteckenden Livesets von Schwarz transplantiert, versieht er das Stück mit eben jener Portion klugem Futurismus, die es ihm so oft ermöglicht, aus Altbackenem frischen Kuchen zu zaubern. Auf der Kehrseite setzt Dixon seinen eigenen Kopf durch, entschlackt, filetiert und editiert. Der Amerikaner sprach früher bei so etwas von einer „Doppel-A-Seite“.Dieses Kompliment ist auch Laurent Garnier sicher. Innervisions darf sich seiner ersten Clubplatte seit Urzeiten erfreuen. An die Wurzeln des Schöpfers zurückgehend, sind beide Tracks außergewöhnlich und beweisen Komplexität, ohne sich die Beine zu verdrehen. Wer es prägnanter mag: Hypno-House. GJ

La Mega Radio

To who have i to kill for getting this? Must be amazing!!

User Comments (1)


A big success for Innervisions. Love both sides, the technosh flow is awesome!