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Dope Me / Does Caroline Know
hello repeat

Maxi Single & EP
Out: 29-10-2012
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What we say

Hello? Repeat’s 20th release comes from act that couldn’t be closer to the label, but at the same time has never appeared on it: Others. The duo consists of Daze Maxim, Hello? Repeat’s co-founde
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Hello? Repeat’s 20th release comes from act that couldn’t be closer to the label, but at the same time has never appeared on it: Others. The duo consists of Daze Maxim, Hello? Repeat’s co-founder next to Jan Krueger, and Bruno Pronsato, the acclaimed “romantic techno” artist behind the label’s first album, 2007’s Why Can’t We Be Like Us (plus numerous records since then on DFA, Telegraph and his own imprint, thesongsays). Each artist veers toward weirdness on his own—consider Daze’s early 12-inch Intimacy Girl, released as Heartz4, or Bruno’s 40-minute epic The Make Up The Break Up—but together they take it to another level. Their only record so far is Take 1/ Take 2, an extended left-field house jam that pairs a floppy beat with the sound of Daze droning away on trumpet. Dope Me / Does Caroline Know? is a slightly clubbier affair—less Sun Ra and more Soul Capsule—but still possesses the air of strangeness that makes the duo so unique. Each artist leaves his mark within the first few measure of “Dope Me.” The steady high-hats and flawless kick drum are straight out of Daze’s playbook, while the nervous piano and 3 Chairs-style claps are unmistakably Bruno. As for the slurred vocal pleading “Dope me… dope me…”, that’s anyone’s guess. The track carries on for a solid nine minutes as half-melodies and quasi-hooks slide in and out of the mix. The B-side, “Does Caroline Know?”, takes us deeper and darker. The drums are plodding, the mood is ominous, and a series of dreamlike flourishes add to an already eerie groove. Like the A-side, it’s a surrealistic style of house that only these two could deliver. The artwork, as usual, is done by Daze Maxim.

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DJ Comments (138)

Radio - Calin aka Catastrophic [Tunnel FM - Sweden]

Cool, thanks for the cool music ;)

Laurent Garnier

Dope me is definitely dope

Varoslav (Supplemental Facts)

great ep ! buy the record!

Lars von Licht


Stefan Sieber

Sounds like DOPE! Dope for me! Thanks. Will play.

DJ Dub

dope me doped me !

Mutlu (Bar25)

Super awesome.

Franklin De Costa

great release. will play both tracks.


amazing record!!!

Radio - Ibiza Global Radio (Jose)

sorry, not in my Music style
many thanks


Dope (me) release! I already got the record actually...but thanks for the promo. big hugs :)

John Dimas

Awesome , thanks !!

Matthew Dekay

Like this EP! support

Guy J

Does Caroline Know is nice , thnx

Radio - NOICE! - Harry Ruffner

that is some Killer Music there guys.... Dope me is just plain Creepy good...

Radio - Triangle Fm // Laurent N.

Nice release with nice stuff & super atmosphere.
Will play & Full Support.

Micha Klang

hello? repeat! six stars. great music! thanks!

Luca Doobie

great fresh and modern vibes ;) L

Last Mood

Dope Me is really cool! Love the vibe!! Will play for sure!

Kraushaar & Gradmann

congratulation to your 20th...
would love to mark both tracks as favourits.
thx for sending!!!
full support

Werner Niedermeier

Superb, both are great tracks!

Justin Field

Grooving ..

Vincent Lemieux

This i s what i call high class music. And great artwork as well. Good job guys!

De:Bug - Sascha Kösch

considering for review

Nikola Gala

Cool tracks!thanks.

Anthony Collins

caroline know track is so sick

Jaime Fiorito

dope me is the one...

Nicolas Duvoisin

will play for sure!!!

George P.

Both trax are great again on one of my fav labels
full support, like the trippy mood of the release
thx for sharing, play and chart for sure

Toby Dreher

Dope me is dope !! :)

Max Jacobson

both amazing tracks!

Claudio Coccoluto

Dope me sounds great!


Love this one ! got the vinyl but thanks for sending this great release !

Marko Nastic


Marco Resmann

Dope Me is the one for me.

Someone Else

great ep


cool ep . thanks


Dope groove! Will play!!


coooool! oi oi



Franco Cinelli


Summer (Brendon Collins)

Both are tasty.

Stefanos Nosak (offradio.gr)

nice ep !!! Thanku !!! support from me ..!


"Dope Me" doped me!

Makcim & Managemend

bought the vinyl but thnx for the back up! love daze maxim's stuff!

Magazine - Posivision

distinctive sound!! cool!!!!

Alex Flitsch

trippy stuff!

Jonny Cruz

great release..nice music.support

Martin Eyerer

cool! Will play in my radioshow


been waiting for another others record forever! SO excited!

Cesar Merveille

love those,
many thanks!

Mr. Steles

DOPE ME! so so so damn good! x

Andre Galuzzi

full support!


yes bothes mixes are great! thanks guys,

Mihai Popoviciu

dope me is great!!


cool deep tunes

Mr. Statik

Hello Repeat is steadily one of my fave labels and this cut is no exception either, lovely vibe, will play/chart, cheers :)


good !

Nils Ohrmann

cool release, will play fpr sure. thx a lot !

DJ Sneak

not for me

Magazine - Tsugi Mag

nice one

Alland Byallo

Sexy. Funky. Shmoove. 'Nuff said.

Marcos In Dub



Does Caroline Know goood

The Cheapers

dope is dope! thanks!

Groove / Prinz / Piranha / Carhartt - Michel Leuffen

zwei tolle driller killer...


awesome deep experimental sounds!

Men In Trees

Great Release...will play!!


good stuff..tnx!

Tim Green

love it all!


will download.
thank you for good music!

Radio - TwenFm 88.4 FM // Berlin


Federico Molinari

very ncie release..

Patrick Zigon

great ep!

Luca Bacchetti

I love "Dope Me" ! I will play it for sure!

Matthias Leisegang

very chillly

Mathias Schaffhäuser

Dope. Love it! Will play + chart. mercidanke!

Jeff Milligan


Richie Hawtin

download for r hawtin

V.Rotz (T.W.I.C.E)

this is absolutely DOPE ! :=)


Hello, i am downloading and pre checking all promos for Solomun. I will give you a personal feedback if he plays and supports this release. Thanks a lot and have a great day.

Blog - littlewhiteearbuds.com

Thanks, will make available to LWE staff for potential review.

Radio: Sceen.fm (Germany)

Loven the Piano and a very massive kinda Dub Clap. Very expressing Vocals. Very Nice EP in total. House but not to much of it, how the Tracks get there own sense of expression. - Robin Raubvogel

Radio - Docepulgadas (Spain)

Interesting release..!!

Radio - Diversions, CHRY.FM Toronto

wonderful sounds, intricately woven and expertly crafted - Dope Me is a charmer!


sweet stuff

Radio S1 UnserDing - Thorsten Mathieu

mal schauen
gefällt mir


great record!!!


very good music here! Both tracks are excellent! thanks a lot for sending it over..

Simon Beeston

Great stuff. Very fresh. Support.

Radio - Altroverso (DJ Misk)

playlist in altroverso radio


nut balls! :) thanks!


Unique and tasteful!

Angel Molina

nice tracks, thanks.

Maik Loewen

Great release! Really love dope me! Thanks!!!

Emerson Todd

lovely release .. dope me is my fav though

Benna Schneider

cool trips! congrats for the 20th release


I like Does Caroline Know..

Amazing track.. can tell here influence of both bruno and daze..
i like the groove and the metallic / metaphysical atmosfohere in the back!

bravi :)
Fabio / Bosconi

Clint Stewart

Always love to see a new hello?repeat and this one is the bomb! Daze and Bruno nailing it!


Amazing tracks, both of them. Right up my street, will play for sure

Claude VonStroke

DL for VonStroke


YES!! full support.

Dan Drastic

Great Tracks, will play them all




will test does caroline know, thanx!

Milly De Mori

dope me is cool! thanks


cool, thanks!


Dope me is dope, sick sound design, thanx...Ekkohaus

Stacey Pullen

will leave feedback asap


wicked grooves in best hello tradition...Does Caroline Know is my fave here but Dope Me will rock the crowd....will support...thx


full support!

Kabale Und Liebe

great stuff!
dope me = dope according to me

Berk Offset

yeah, all those lil sound snippets in "Does Caroline Know" are cool!

Patrick Bateman


Brothers Vibe

Great release - LOVE "Dope Me"!!


Download for Magda

Radio - Milos Fedor (Radio FM Bratislava)

hello repeat is back in my crate!!! awsome...

Marcus Vector

dope me ! groove de fou


love this release!!! have the vinyl since a few weeks in my bag! thank you for the moments i already had with it!


Amazingggggg!! Always Hello Repeat!!


"dope me" is dope!

Rob Slac

will try this pup out tonight

Magazine - eq-mag.co.uk / Telford

I sincerely hope Caroline does know! : )

DJ Aroma

downloading für gott, buddah, barack obama und mich

F.E.X. – (Robotronic Paris)

simply dope

Tobi Neumann

Quality release! I like both tracks and will check them out. coolio!


Cool Release:)Support!Thanks

Radio - Paris One (Kedem Ferre)

not for me

Maurizio Schmitz

Real Dope!

Radio - Nighflight Fritz/RBB - Nadine Kreuzahler

good! radio airplay!

Kleinschmager Audio

sehr schöne nummer, rollt durch, funzt! thx for download

Roman Flügel

Good vibes in here, will play.

Gunnar Stiller

very nice release!!!


wow dope me is strong


Very good stuff! Thanks!!


dope release already got this on vinyl thanks a lot ;)

Mikael Stavöstrand

Love it!! 2 of my favs .. will play a lot .. thanks ! :)

Kevin (We Get Deeper)

Love the smooth groove in "Does Caroline know"

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