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The Texas Chainsaw Massage EP

Maxi Single & EP
Out: 18-05-2009
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MP3 (320 kbit)  –  WAV

What we say

Ultrakurt is back! Cabanne & Gluck’s amazing cumulated IQ of 42 resulted in that deranged, non-smokable, carved plastic plate called “The Texas Chainsaw Massage e.p.". No cattle, no hat,
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Ultrakurt is back! Cabanne & Gluck’s amazing cumulated IQ of 42 resulted in that deranged, non-smokable, carved plastic plate called “The Texas Chainsaw Massage e.p.". No cattle, no hat, but chopped beats, barbecue grooves and corn pads à gogo! With these three new funksters on Minibar, they go further into this weird house music they are well known for…

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DJ Comments (94)

Dario Zenker

tha real bomb! as all ultrakurt stuff.
full support!


love it!!! 3 bombs ass shakers!!! full support...

Mihai Popoviciu

4 stars for "house a courre", that's the one for me, will play and support!

Anthony Collins

pwous is so cool !!

Jürgen Kirsch

Pwous is cool, will play it


what a lovely deep and funky release.. full supprt on all three tracks.. i will def play house a courre and Pwous will work great for after hours..

thank you for sending..

Peace Out



House à Courre is a nice house track! my favorite, will play!

HD Substance

deepness in track two is lovely, track one too much clicks for me, third track well done for build up.

Men In Trees

House à Courre and Pwous are the tracks for me. Nice grooves...will drop it for sure. Thanks

Dave Ellesmere

minibar getting down on the funk again ! very nice release

Paulo Olarte

loving this tunes, feels like jumping on marhsmellow clouds :)
will play them for a very long time!

Kleinschmager Audio

nice minimal tracks !!!, i play "pwous"

Todd Bodine

Wow, nice release! 3 funky tunes from Ultrakurt. Trouducteur is the one for me. I will play it.

Chris Lattner

i like the style of this two guys. all three tracks are very good and i will play them for sure. thx

Simon Baker

I like track 2 here, perfect for my warm up and down sets . cheers.

Riva Starr

nice tools cheers

Dan Drastic

nice on. right all 3 tracks in my case.

House á Courre is big!


I love house a courre.. the rest is just way too minimal for me..


Trouducteur is kind of hypnotic ;)


nice quirky funky stuff..love Pwous will play thanks!


diggin all 3 tracks .. like always minibar satisfy :)

Magazine - Dance Club Portugal // Jose Bello

really into the summer upbeat vibes of house a courre. but it's the long pwous that gets my pick, like the way ultrakurt evolved his own trademark sound of short snippets into something like pwous, with that house edge that is doing the rounds right now but full of twists and turns and surprises for the listener. and that is definitely what keeps music going forward. ultrakurt did this but kept it dancefloor oriented and that is not an easy thing to do. kudos!

Mark Henning

pwous is nice and crunchy :)

Benna Schneider

yeah, groovey and dry! not the best ultrakurt so far but nice

Nikola Baytala

Ultrakurt Pwous is fukengruven man Supa Mental

Dj Nikola Baytala

Jens Bond

nice, nice!


super nice ep,minibar never lets me down!@

3 Channels

pwous is cool and house a courre is even better

Hot Chip

cool to have a new ulrakurt track


Love House à Courre and also Pwous
will play both for sure
thanks for the package

Daniel Mehlhart

cool housy tracks. pwous makes the race for me...

Chris Carrier

really nice groovy ep

Channel X

Schön verspielt mit viel Liebe zum Detail.

Marco Resmann

"house a courre" and "pwous" are nice.

Matt Star

super Release...habe lang nix mehr von Minibar gehört...House a Courre absolute Bombe!!! und auch Pwous is super...merci

Gaetano Parisio

really cool and deep stuff...well done

Markus Homm

great label. Pwous is best for me. Will play !!!!

DJ Emerson

nice tricky minimal phunk - cool release


cool stuff - liking House and Pwous tracks... will play thanks

Gruber & Nürnberg

"House à Courre" and "Pwous" are our favorites, especially "Pwous"! Next strong Release on Minibar! We'll play this tracks...

Mathias Mesteno

Nice spring groover!

Both Pwous & House à Courre fits into my "bag"...gonna play this mutha out!

Hausmann C

I Like Minibar at all so difficult t say which track ist the best here, but the mos moody for me is House a courre.... keep on ultra KURT!!!! :) Five Stars

Monika Kruse

ultrakurt is back!!!! yeah!!! house a courre is the one for me...full support!

Kris Wadsworth

its good for what it is. this person is doing what they want to do. not my thing though.

Rene Breitbarth

in my case!! :D

Russ Gabriel

house a courre is it


pwous my fav

Davide Squillace

Pwous & House a Courre ! ! !

Magazine - OurHouse // Dean Facer

C'est magnifique..... very, very nice indeed !!


feeling house a courre and will get plays out of Pwous too, good stuff...


cool tracks :)


House à courre goes straight in the box


It´s house time! 8/10


top sex!

Magazine - Posivision

House à Courre : Rhythmical & lovelly staff!
Pwous is best for midnight floor!! so cool work.

Mike Monday

Love the modern twist on US deep house in House a Courre.


like gonna try it out

Blog - onlyhousemusic.org


Minimal techy cuts for the club, I liked House à Courre best, nice sprinkling of jazzy chords, odd strings work and a hint of 90's Chi-house.

like "house à courre" a loooot...will play


quality stuff as usual, House a courre for me



pwous is funky, will play


very nice 3-tracker. Pwous is the one for me..

Marcus Vector

nice, Pwous has a groove, will play

Brothers Vibe

Kickin' grooves - SUPER EP!

Gavin Herlihy

pwous sounds like the one i'd probably play here.

good stuff

Michael Melchner

Pwous is the one for me! Play

Jeff Milligan

Pwous is 'aight

Patrick Chardronnet

that one is jackin!!! Pwonus!!!!

Only for DJs Magazine

Very nice EP. Funky as I like.

Jens Zimmermann

i like pwous....super

Electric Indigo

yeah, house a courre is really nice! like it :-)

Clash / DJ Mag UK - Alex Burden

Sounds great, going to review it for Clash magazine!

Gianpiero Fiorin (PIAS UK)

nice release, cheers!

Marcel Knopf

funky like hell! great ep!

Radio - Berlin Mitte Institut

house a courre is nice, the rest sounds a bit outdated.

Franco Cangelli

House à Courre is a nice funky house cut, def up my alley

Radio - Diversions, CHRY.FM Toronto


Benny Rodrigues

not for me tnx

Jeremy P.Caulfield

dirty little nasty sweaty ..


really like Trouducteur and Pwous, will play .. thanks !

Gamal Kabar

Pwous is super nice thanks glitchy without being too stop start nice will play

Blog - Randomcircuits.com

I like the deep and percussive feel from this EP.House à Courre is my favourite with its deep, skewed riffs, & oblong percussion.

Ronan Fitzgerald

always like ultrakurt's stuff, here "house a courre" is my favourite, nice rough groove...


very nice record from minibar again! will use all, favs are 1. house á courre and 2. pwous. very good piece of music over all... will play!

Sierra Sam

what i call real (good ) minimal

Magazine - eq-mag.co.uk / Telford

like, thank you :)

Brian Cares

voll kurtig. crazy weird samplemadness.
"pwous" is my fav by a close margin.


"house a courre" is dope!

Whatpeopleplay's Bodo

House à Courre is the favourite will play it

Robin Porter

digging house a courre and pwous, deep sick shizz!

Ung & Bastos


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