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Are there any special features at Whatpeopleplay.com that make it different from other MP3 download sites?

Yes, indeed. Below you'll find a brief list of cool features that are signature to Whatpeopleplay:

- Very Important & First and Foremost: Advanced Pre-listen Sound (added 17 Aug 2007)

Thick sound drives our music. So why listen to some crackling crap while you test it at purchase? How easily can you overlook or not recognize a wicked tune when the usual mediocre pre-listening sound quality comes through your high-end quadro speakers?
It's simply annoying to have great equipment whilst the store you purchase from provides outdated sound. We don't go that way, folks. We may not have all the tracks from all the labels on Planet Earth yet, but the ones we do have sound mighty real!
However, due to legal restrictions, we can only offer 45-second-excerpt sound clips at the moment, and each track is cut so you won't be able to stream the whole track. Sorry!

- Pre-order Functionality (added 17 Aug 2007)

You know the problem: DJs' favourite records are those that are only circulating among a chosen few and which you cannot seem to have yet. But yes, you can: as one of the first worldwide digital sites, wordandsound's Whatpeopleplay.com gives you a tool that lets you keep track of all these goodies. Whatpeopleplay.com enables you to pre-order any upcoming record! Pre-order your track or album and it will automatically be placed in your cart on the date of its physical release.
It cannot go faster than this, folks!

- Exclusive Feature: Search by "Release Week"!  (added 17 Aug 2007)

Have you ever wondered what's been happening in the MP3 world since your last login? While you weren't watching, were you disconnected and "lost" on holiday, at work or occupied by your family, boyfriend or girlfriend's needs?
Forget your worries! You can fill those gaps with our exclusive "Release Week" functionality that works like a time machine. "Release Week" lists all titles by their release date in calendar-week order!
Nothing special, but when you think about it, it does work out. You may not know what you're missing but you remember when you spent what quality time with whom, so you know which weeks you have to view to find out.
So, if you spent two weeks diving on that Robinson island in July 2005 and you - damn - wonder what's been going on during this period, simply go here and dive into our vaults, too. Turning back the hands of time - weeks, months, years - in a second!

- Frequent Updates made visible by our "Fresh Releases" functionality ( added 17 Aug 2007)

- All-on-One view with our "PlayTimes" news and calendar column (added 17 Aug 2007)

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