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Eddie Leader - Lisière Collectif - Luis Martinez

Deep Chicago House recommended

Eddie Leader & Tom Lawson – Feel For You (Classic Music Company)

Here’s another one of those catchy floor house hymns this time done by Eddie Leader & Tom Lawson for the Classic Music Company. “Feel For You” shows how infectious classical house sounds with that good old French touch still can be and that it doesn’t need anything more than smooth filtered chords, a cool groovin’ funk bass riff and some female vocal candy to keep the crowd moving. Great EP incl. Boris Dlugosch Remix!

Lisière Collectif – Rue Cameliei EP (Phonogramme)

The Romanian trio Lisière Collectif comes around with a classy selection of analogue house on their latest works called “Rue Cameliei EP” for Phonogramme. After an appearance on the Amam label as well as an EP release for the venerable Moods & Grooves Records the collective’s sound on their 2nd EP release seems one step further into the aesthetics of 90’s and contemporary Chicago house and techno. Their stripped down approach to these US dance impressions with synthie driven flow, straight drum machine grooves and floating warmth got mixed up with some kind of darkish and mesmeric shades of minimal house and dub techno. The result is a pack of three late night tunes with the potential to intensely capture the imagination of dancing people when they’re sounds is given the space to grow slowly. Nice!

Luis Martinez – House Muzic / March Into Time (EPM Music)

The US producer Luis Martinez recently dropped some serious party house with his “House Muzic / March Into Time” release on EPM Music. Classical vibes, driving grooves and eventful arrangements point out that it’s all about the floor in here. And so Luis Martinez combines the dry pump of Chicago, the freakish funk of late 90’s rooted European club sounds and twirling Latin flavoured percussion fills to create some catchy floor work outs. For the more heavy needs the “Ben Long & Oliver Way Remix” provides some additional tribal techno bounce. Solid!

Written by Jan (WPP Staff)
27.11.2015 - 12:01 – by Hendrik Warnke / hendrik@wordandsound.net

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