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This Other Space - Black Booby - Yaleesa Hall

Deep Chicago House recommended

This Other Space – The Tom (Tasteful Nudes)

On their 8th installment Tasteful Nudes – the label sister of Argot – comes with some more fine driving Chicago house music. This time done by a veteran producer from Stockholm who had his debut under his This Other Space alias on Join Our Club in 2014 and delivers three hybrid house grooves on his latest EP called “The Tom”. Through the course of the three given tunes This Other Space  accomplishes to merge oldschool warehouse feels with modern Chicago techno manners. Well-tempered and nonetheless propulsive drum machine rhythms accompanied by acidish synthie sounds come along with some airy cosmic runs here and some thunderous heaviness there  and mark this EPs direction to be predestined for hands-up moments and all further night club activities. Yes!

Black Booby – Black Booby at the Roach Motel (Black Booby)

Rollin’ oldschool sounds come from the editors of Black Booby with “Black Booby at the Roach Motel” and on their self-titled Black Booby imprint. After versatile genre excursions from slow house over Soul and funk edits to deep house they offer a serious 90’s vibin’ party attack with their 6th installment. All four tracks keenly present a straight forwarding reference of Chicago and UK house times by using dry pumpin’ grooves spiced with going-crazy elements between distinctive 90’s vocal cuts, weird flowing synthie themes, suddenly entering disco strings or the widely popular sub bass thrusters. Handsome floor-made material!

Yaleesa Hall – Perrin (Will & Ink)

Four ruff bouncin’ techno cuts from Amsterdam are brought to us by Yaleesa Hall, his EP “Perrin” and the Will & Ink imprint. With his second release on the Dutch label Yaleesa Hall goes on where he started with “Leyland” in 2014 – uncompromising floor works. Every single track in here is no less than a heavy analogue stomper including harsh sound design. Therefor the only requirements are just some stoically pumpin’ drum rolls, sizzling hats and weird driving synthie rhythms arranged with vibrant fills and breaks to build this reduced, dark and likewise highly energetic techno thunder. Power sound!

All written by Jan (WPP Staff)
18.12.2015 - 18:43 – by Hendrik Warnke / hendrik@wordandsound.net

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