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San2 - Rough Rec - Honey Dijon & Tim K

Deep Chicago House recommended

San2 – Impartial Perspective (Bobby Donny)

This is the debut of San2, which is also the 2nd release on Frits Wentink’s freshly launched imprint Bobby Donny and it’s up to deliver another round of weird driving modern deep house tunes under the title “Impartial Perspective”. The starter comes with a trippy groove reduction that’s pushed up by deep ’n’ heavy synthie stabs with strong Detroit impact. The next track brings a weird squeezin’ acid twist on a jazzy reel-bass line with crazy ups and downs over its course and last but not least it’s the Frits Wentink Remix that provides some extra bleepish, side-slippin’ melodies and sound modulations to the opener. 3 times sickadelic floor works!

Sanchez Gonzalo & DomSamba – Untitled Guy (Rough Recordings)

The intercontinental duet by Sanchez Gonzalo from Argentina and DomSamba from UK delivers the 10th strike of powerful deepness for Rough Recordings from Germany. After both appeared with funkin’ and drivin’ house sounds on labels like Gents & Dandy’s, Two House Recordings, Bosom or Disco Blitz they team up for some Chicago and UK rooted powerhouse synergy called “Untitled Guy“. All tunes – and the two remixes by Tobi Danton and Annéke Laurent ties in seamlessly – are strictly spreading the vibe of a sweaty club time with heavy pumpin’ drums, solid rhythm spice through clear-cut hat ’n’ clap combos, straight to the point synthie thrills from wobble acid to 90’s organ stabs and some blurry, deep vocal cuts in between. House floor dynamite!

Honey Dijon & Tim K – Thunda (Classic Music Company)

The Classic Music Company just released a versatile groovin’ single by Honey Dijon & Tim K feat. John Mendelsohn called “Thunda”. The original version opens with some synthie driven and r’n’b touched disco sounds that brings a pretty intense melodiousness onto phat bass arpeggi. Followed by a rework from the much-loved HNNY, who offers some mellow deep afterhour grooves with sweetly thrilling strings and pitched-down vocals while the renowned Terrence Parker turns it all into some heavy Chicago floor power with 90’s dance stabs und dry pumpin’ drum works. Allround dj equipment!

All written by Jan (WPP Staff)
18.12.2015 - 18:53 – by Hendrik Warnke / hendrik@wordandsound.net

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