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Pearson Sound - Razor-N-Tape - Ike Release

Deep House Techno recommended

Pearson Sound – Thaw Cycle (Pearson Sound)

David Kennedy aka Pearson Sound aka Ramadanman just came along with two refreshing techno productions on his self-titled imprint. On “Thaw Cycle” the man from London, who is also a part behind the Hessle Audio crew impresses with reduced and likewise marvellously atmospheric techno cuts, one with incredibly driving broken beat salvos under weird ‘n’ mellow piano harmonies and the other as audio hypnosis spiral with playfully stomping drum ‘n’ snare attacks. Next level techno thrill!

Various Artists – House Cuts Vol. 1 (Razor-N-Tape)

The Brooklyn based label Razor-N-Tape serves an extensive organic, groovy and deep disco-funkin’ compilation with their “House Cuts Vol. 1”. A bunch of optimistic bass riffs, elemental house chords and cheerful percussions meet 70’s late night warmth and moody soulfulness done and reworked by the likes of Fouk, Only Children, DJ Vas, Lovebirds, The Groovers, Luvless, Caserta … Dope stuff!

Ike Release – Watercolors (Episodes)

The 7th installment of the Chicago based label Episodes just arrived in here with some high class deep and driving floor sounds. This time label head Ike Release, who is also one part of Innerspace Halflife comes up with a four track EP called “Watercolors” and brings a bunch of forceful and frisky drum machine grooves paired with vintage synthesizer futurism. With his raw rhythms somewhere between darkened house and oldschool techno accompanied by mesmeric pad and fx textures Ike Release sparks an ubiquitous tension that is likely able to lead night people into some enraptured dance transcendency. Top-notch club goods!

All written by Jan (WPP Staff)

05.01.2016 - 16:45 – by Hendrik Warnke / hendrik@wordandsound.net

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