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Lo Shea - Chicago Skyway - Vertigo Inc

Deep Chicago House Techno recommended

Lo Shea – Oxygen Lance (Transit)

The UK producer Lo Shea brings some driving, bass music rooted techno gems on his latest works for Transit entitled “Oxygen Lance”. As a busy force in the Sheffield techno scene Lo Shea is resident dj, promotor and curator of the warehouse venue and artspace Hope Works as well as operator of the labels Seaghdha, 100 years and the new Hope Works label including Works and Hope sister labels. Besides that he had released a bunch of fresh modern techno EPs not only on his own imprints but also on labels like DEXT Recordings, SZE, Phonica White or Never Learnt since 2012. When taking his tunes on “Oxygen Lance” into audition they offer some raw modern club music with stompy beats and a weird mesmeric, stripped down drive from dirty bass music riffs, angry trumpet shouts or squeaky droning melodies. The result is a sound that is heavy, dark and somehow feisty. Equally deep into warehouse techno desires immerses Kowton’s Remix, who straightens his version with some more distortion and a mighy on-off subbass for enhanced massiveness. Striking stuff!

Chicago Skyway – Empty Patterns (Emphasis Recordings Ltd)

The latest EP on Steven Tang’s imprint Emphasis Recordings comes from Chicago native Sean Hernandez aka Chicago Skyway. After his first entry to the local house scene back in the 1980’s followed by experience-filled dj activities he first came up in 2007 with his own productions and did quite some EPs plus one album release since that appeared on labels like Eargasmic, M>O>S, Uzuri or Altered Moods. His first EP on the likewise Chicago rooted imprint Emphasis goes by the name “Empty Patterns” and works out some raw machine driven house and techno hybrids, based on reduced rhythms, smeared squeaky synthie sounds and some extra drive through the power of distortion. So when it’s dark inside and dirty around, while people want to jack hard these acidic Chi stompers will definitely make some appropriate support. Weird goodies!

Vertigo Inc – Preen (Unfulfillment)

The Montreal based imprint Unfulfillment comes up with some more weird and fancy house and techno experiments by Vertigo Inc. After “Ritual Objects Vol. 1“ slipped in 2014 with the first tricky trippy output for both label and artist, 2015 brings the second serving with “Preen”. Again it’s on multi-layered percussions and spaced out sound sequences with an experimental jazz touch to collaborate with dry pumpin’ and stumblin’ beat constructs for some hard to grasp hypno house and dripping tech pleasures. This EP sounds like a jungle circus that goes gently crazy underwater. What a damn nice freakishness!

All written by Jan (WPP Staff)
05.01.2016 - 16:54 – by Hendrik Warnke / hendrik@wordandsound.net

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