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Llewellyn - Universal Appearance - Tilman

Deep House Techno recommended

Llewellyn – A Bender Story (Kann Records)

Llewellyn is actually the new side moniker of the fabulous Lake People for taking care on his more house-rooted productions. His genre debut “A Bender Story” has recently been delivered by Kann Records straight outta Leipzig, where producer and label are located in. The three given titles come along as a very homogenous selection of vibeful space house with modern acid flavours. Smooth and pumpin’ is the way the sound goes in here what creates an overall tension-filled atmosphere through thick drums and bubbling synthies meet up with gloomy pads, airy chords and emotive melodies. A sound to sink deep into on the floor. Brilliant!

Universal Appearance – Moog Tribute (Universal Language Music)

Two floating analogue techno pearls just came along by Universal Appearance and the “Moog Tribute” on his label Universal Language Music. After the first musical output in 1998 as DiamonD EyE in the realms of drum ‘n’ bass the UK based producer turned to his alias Universal Language for sounds between downtempo, techno and house. And so is his current release a warm sounding Detroit influenced techno hybrid on the egdes of house and leftfield with susurrant white noises, mystical melodies and pads arrangements, ethereal synthie waves and pleasantly dry machine grooves. Ace!

Tilman – Transmission (Klamauk°)

The 7th installment of versatile house sounds on Klamauk° comes from Tilman with his EP “Transmission”. After some output on labels like Tenderpark, Charmin, Thema or spontanMusik Tilman delivers a marvellous cocktail of modern house drifts. The range of styles that he presents in here is likewise surprising as it is consistently shaped and so this selection of throughout atmospheric tunes offer its audience an awesome excursion through deep grooves and along funky vales up to trippy acidic highs. Grande!

All written by Jan (WPP Staff)
05.01.2016 - 17:06 – by Hendrik Warnke / hendrik@wordandsound.net

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